Sunday, January 02, 2011

NYE and the aftermath

So New Year's Eve in Times Square was E.P.I.C. About the only thing missing was alcohol, but honestly, it was so fantastic that I didn't miss it. That being said, my friend EH and I did a good job of making up for a sober NYE by drinking no less than 7 mimosas at brunch on January 1, followed by bloody marys and a long island iced tea at a bar after. Hey. The mimosas were free because our waiter fell on us, knocked our table over, and spilled ketchup on my jacket. What were we supposed to do?

Anyway, who doesn't love a good drunk Niki story? That's what I thought. So I present to you a collection of sent text messages from yesterday afternoon/evening. It all began really with the one I sent to Twitter at 2:46pm: I am fucking wasted! I have to get on bus in 1 hour! Holla! 2011 is the best year EVER!

To Twitter: Whoops. 2 hours. Yes! More time to drink!

To JL: I love being drunk so e cking much! Woot!

To JH: I'm on the bus with Chris. Midnight. (note: JH was picking me up at the bus station; I had called him an hour or two before asking if he could pick me up the next morning because I wanted to change my bus ticket to 1030pm instead of 5pm. No dice.)

To EH: Yes! I'm with chris. The coolest seventeen yr old ever! Too young? ;)

To JH (in response to "Who is Chris?"): Idk but he's my new bff. Will call. Have to turn phone off bc battery dying.

To EH: Lol. I woke up at a gas station with chris in the seat across the aisle. Fuck I have to pee. You drunker yet? I can't believe antonio and the bathroom?! WTF?!

To EH: PS I drunk dialed XX and he answered. Clearly he is in love with me.

To EH: I think I'm hungover, too. I need pretzels! Where is timo when you need him?

To JW: It was legendary! I am drunk on the bus! I love you! Next year we're going! It's the best nye ever!

To EH: I'm about to pee in the bus bathroom. Wish me luck! I would cut a bitch for some dominos.

To LR: L. I got so drunk in the daytime! You would've been proud. Just getting to bus station. Ugh. Gotta drive home soon. Party foul. Hope you had a good new year's!

To EH: E! WTF was that voicemail? Amazing! I am so hungover!

To EH: Just got back. Literally slept the whole way. I want to do it again! Our lives rule!

To JH: We're here. If you see pizza on the way, i'm gonna need it.

To EH: Also I think i listened to back to december no less than 112 times.

To EH & Twitter: There is a nearly full bag of cheetos laying on the sidewalk. It's taking more self control than you know not to eat them.

You're welcome. I am happy to sacrifice my dignity if it will entertain you even a tiny bit.

HAPPY 2011!! Gonna be a fantastic year!

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ashley said...

You. are. my. hero. In so many ways. If you had drunk dialed me and I answered, it would've totally meant I love you.