Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gratitude List

This article about a "gratitude practice" popped up on my Twitter feed today, and although I only skimmed it, I do like the idea. I try to stay aware of the little things, especially when the big things have me down, but I thought writing it down might go a step further toward lightening my mood.

So here's my list of what I'm grateful for today (in no particular order):

- Conversations with friends, old ones and new ones

- That I met him at all (I guess)

- Tulips galore and my neighbors who planted them (tulips are my favorite flower, so simple and beautiful)

- I saw Susan Gibson and Jana Pochop last night, a rare treat of real music in my tiny town. They were awesome. Brought me back to my roots, also made me even more excited to be in Texas (they live in Austin!).

- Guacamole

- The cutest dog in the world lives at my house

- I vacuumed some stuff!!!!! (Now only 4845721721 other chores that need doing that didn't get done that should've been done 3 weeks ago. Pfft. What.ever.)

- RAFA WON HIS 7TH STRAIGHT TITLE IN MONTE CARLO! (Did I mention I had a dream we made out last week? Hands down, best. dream. ever.) I'm grateful for Rafa, always.

So many dirty thoughts, so little time.

This was fun. Am actually smiling and happier (Rafa will do that). Post your gratitude list on your own blog or in the comments (all 2 of you :).


tempe said...

This blog post = love.

My thankful list:

1. That spring is here. Finally. No more cold weather for a while!

2. For my husband. He's just awesome.

3. Oreos and milk. Yep, nothing beats it.

4. For you, my love!

niki said...

Love love love your list. I'm grateful for all those things, too! (Substituting you for know what I mean.)

jenn said...

So I am WAY behind on my blog reading, but I do love this list! Definitely a great thing to do (and something we should all probably do more often!).